Companies which handle fossil fuel products including oils, pesticides, and plastics need reliable treatments for hydrocarbons in air emissions. DESOTEC has the solution: sustainable mobile filtration services that allow your company to protect your business and meet your green goals.

Hydrocarbons: BTEX, VOCs, alkenes, aromatics, and more

Effective treatment for hydrocarbons is essential. They’re the main constituents of fossil fuels and their emissions contribute to the formation of ozone, which is a greenhouse gas. Many hydrocarbons are toxic, and some of them, such as benzene, are carcinogenic, posing a risk to the health of site workers and visitors. Odour nuisance is another issue: oil, coal and gas products release strong smells in the air, thus prompting complaints from those living nearby.

DESOTEC is ready to help. We supply sustainable mobile filtration services to companies which have to deal with hydrocarbons. The most common hydrocarbons include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX), polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH),and alkenes. All of these components are successfully removed by DESOTEC activated carbon filtration.

Industrial odour control

Robust odour control is key for maintaining good community relations and a positive corporate reputation. With DESOTEC’s sustainable mobile filtration services, it’s easy to comply with odour emissions limits.

Many sectors face the challenge of odorous hydrocarbon emissions, including the manufacture or handle of asphalt and bitumen, plastics and polymers, and pesticides. Production halls and storage tank vents are other emission sources.

DESOTEC helps you assess your odour nuisance issue, then installs the best set-up for your unique situation. We have filter models suitable for various flow rates and concentrations. They handle discontinuous flows, like those generated by truck loading and unloading, so you stay on the right side of your neighbours throughout your operations.

Soil remediation

While many products containing hydrocarbons are now banned or heavily controlled, such as coal-tar creosote, their legacy remains at former industrial sites. DESOTEC supplies sustainable activated carbon filters to remediation companies working on new construction projects at such sites.

Our filters are sited at excavation tents, where they treat emissions resulting from the digging or thermal treatment of soil. Such set-ups are characterised by large flow rates and very low concentrations, for which our filters are highly cost-effective. As our filters are small, mobile, and supplied on a rental basis, they are ideal for busy and temporary construction projects.

We all use fossil fuel products every day, but their manufacture emits hydrocarbons that present odour, health, and environmental challenges. DESOTEC's sustainable mobile filtration solutions ensure the air we breathe stays clean and healthy.

Helping you comply

DESOTEC has the know-how and technology to support your company in meeting its legal obligations, including European legislation such as the IPPC Industrial Emissions Directive. Laws are increasingly being tightened globally, so it’s important to get technology in place to future-proof your firm.

At the country level, occupational health legislation protects workers at your site. Environmental authorities also set the terms of your site operating licence, which will likely include hydrocarbon thresholds to prevent odour nuisance and protect the environment.

By partnering with DESOTEC, you’ll meet your green goals while ensuring smooth operations. In urgent situations, we will install filters quickly so they can start working immediately.

How we help you

DESOTEC sustainable mobile filtration solutions

At DESOTEC, we want to make it simple for your company to meet your production targets and sustainability goals. That’s why we offer a full-service solution, covering all aspects of activated carbon filtration, from initial testing to waste handling.

Our plug-and-play filters are modular, so they may be optimised if your purification needs change. Exchanging filters is quick and easy, requiring no production downtime.

We transport filtration waste in closed units away from customers’ sites. All molecules are completely destroyed and, where possible, carbon is reactivated, giving you a circular solution that boosts your business profits and sustainability.

DESOTEC has supported us for the engineering and supply of our process air purification, which allows us to capture odours and avoid emission to our neighbours.

Our filtration solutions

Flexible, mobile and modular solutions with sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support. With DESOTEC by your side, it’s easy to go green.

Our filtration solutions