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Activated carbon products for liquid phase applications

DESOTEC offers a wide range of activated carbon products for liquid phase applications.  Depending on the application, we can offer products made from different raw materials, with different activity, purity levels and shapes. DESOTEC also offers a range of liquid phase impregnated activated carbons  with enhanced properties for certain applications. This list is non-exhaustive and only contains the most common types. Other types needed? Contact us.

Coal based granular activated carbon

Our wide range of steam activated granular activated carbons includes following grades:

  • OXYSORB® 10

Coconut based activated carbon

ORGANOSORB® 10-CO and ORGANOSORB® 9-CO are two grades of coconut shell based granular activated carbon used for dechlorination  or removal of  organic solvents and odorous compounds from water. The product is widely used in applications like drinking water treatment, water treatment in beer or soft drink production, groundwater remediation, point of use or point of entry water filters and many others.

Acid washed coal based carbon

DESOTEC offers various acid washed granular ORGANOSORB® activated carbons produced by the steam activation of selected grades of coal for use in various purification applications. Depending on the specific needs of the application, we offer different grades such as:


Ultra pure carbon

ORGANOSORB® 11 AL-CO is an ultra pure coconut shell based granular activated carbon used in various purification applications. The product is produced from selected grades of coconut shells and designed for the purification of water and liquids where low conductivity and ultrahigh purity are required. This type of carbon has a low elution factor for silica, magnesium and calcium.

Reactivated carbon pools

ORGANOSORB® 20 and ORGANOSORB® 20-AA  are two ranges of granular reactivated carbon offered based on a pool concept for wastewater treatment , groundwater remediation and landfill leachate treatment. ORGANOSORB® 20 ranges of products are offered with a specific quality and the customers’ used activated carbon is recycled  when possible.

Powder activated carbons

ORGANOSORB® 200-1 WB and ORGANOSORB® 200-1 WI  are a range of steam activated wood based powder activated carbon. Due to the large adsorption capacity, this type of activated carbon removes certain organic contaminants below the detection level. DESOTEC activated carbon powder C-PureC-PURE® 200  range are chemically activated wood based powder activated carbon. This activated carbon has been developed for decolorisation and purification of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products. ORGANOSORB® 200-1-20 is a steam activated powder activated carbon used for municipal and industrial effluent water treatment.