Whether it’s remediating groundwater on farms, purifying rinsing waters from food processing, or treating wastewater from pesticide manufacturing, DESOTEC has a simple and sustainable solution. Our mobile filtration solutions decontaminates wastewater from adsorbable organic halides (AOX), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and biological oxygen demand (BOD), enabling its safe discharge or reuse.

Why Treat Pesticides in Wastewater?

Approximately 450 pesticides are approved for use in the EU. These pesticides contain organic molecules from carious chemical families, including glyphosate from phosphonic acid and atrazine from triazine.

Many of these molecules are known to require treatment for environmental reasons. The chemistry of these molecules ranges from being very acidic to alkaline. You have AOX including chlorinated, fluorinated, or toxic compounds that must be removed to protect aquatic life and the human food chain. Together, these compounds can be measured as COD or BOD. The removal of these molecules is essential to keep waterways aerated and healthy.

DESOTEC’s mobile activated carbon filtration solutions provide simple and sustainable answers to all of these issues, ensuring that water is safe for discharge or reuse.

Surface Water and Groundwater Remediation for Pesticides

DESOTEC’s mobile filters are easy to use on farms. Their small footprint makes them ideal for busy agricultural sites, while their simple technology means they do not require operators on-site.

Pesticides are found in waters as a result of rinsing tools and machinery. This wastewater can be pooled and passed over the filters. Unlike many alternative technologies, activated carbon is suitable for batch treatments. Once treated with activated carbon, the water is safe for industrial reuse (such as washing or cooling equipment). Alternatively, the treated water can also be discharged to the environment or sent to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) for further purification.

Where pesticides have entered the groundwater through rainfall runoff or by seeping into the soil, remediation is required. Groundwater is pumped up and passed through the filters before being returned to the land. The fact that DESOTEC filters are mobile makes them well suited to both long-term and temporary applications, such as in locations where spills have occurred.

Industrial wastewater treatment for pesticides

Rinsing waters from manufacturing can contain high concentrations of pesticides. In food processing, wastewater from rinsing fruit and vegetables can also contain traces of pesticides. Failing to reduce the pesticides load before sending wastewater to WWTPs would kill off the bacteria used in biofilters. DESOTEC filters provide effective pretreatment, allowing for safe discharge of the wastewater to the sewer. It may also be possible to reuse the wastewater, boosting sustainability and driving down customers’ costs.

Pesticides are essential for plant and animal health, thus securing our food supply. DESOTEC’s mobile activated carbon filters are ideal for wastewater treatment. Our filters are able to purify rinsing water and groundwater in the agricultural industry, protecting your business, our environment, and the human food chain.

Helping You Comply

The EU Water Framework Directive sets quality standards for surface and groundwater. These standards are regulated through national and regional legislation, as well as COD, BOD, and AOX limits.

Municipal WWTPs also set acceptance limits for COD and AOX concentrations in wastewater.

In general, laws and WWTP limits are becoming ever stricter. By installing DESOTEC’s modular filtration solutions, you can future-proof your agricultural business today.

How We Help You

DESOTEC Sustainable Mobile Filtration Solutions

DESOTEC provides simple full-service solutions for all your wastewater purification needs. Activated carbon filtration is certified as the best available technology (BAT) for phytosanitary wastewater.

Our filters are mobile and modular, so filtration setups can be adapted to meet changing demands or legislation. Filter replacement is quick and easy, requiring no production downtime.

Pesticides can be toxic, which makes prevention of employee exposure essential. DESOTEC filters are closed units. Once the carbon is saturated, filters are transported away from customers’ sites to our facilities. Most pesticide-filled carbon can be reactivated, making this a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

DESOTEC filters have been very effective in purifying our wastewater. Thanks to this simple but effective setup, we’re now in compliance with environmental limits.

Our Filtration Solutions

Mobile, modular industrial filtration that lets you focus on your business. Sustainable waste handling and around-the-clock support are included for a hassle-free service.

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